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Portal of Light Activation

A Pulse of Love and Blessings

The recent Portal of Light activation is the most important event toward planetary liberation that we have experienced in our lifetime. It's the first major step that we've taken towards our final liberation from quarantine on Earth. Everything until now was just preparation, but now we are getting significant activity from the Galactic Central Sun and serious shifting of the cosmic cycles, which is an enormous energetic boost for Earth.

This activation comes at the moment of the completion of a very powerful cycle. It's a demarcation point when the energy from the Galactic Center is finally flowing toward the surface of the planet with great force.

The source has initiated this energy, although it will be downgraded to the level that this planetary environment can accept and absorb. It's like buffered energy, and it's an important first step toward being able to receive energy directly from the source.

This pulse of energy has the quality of love. Maybe you can feel this change that brings the sense of a new beginning. The blessing of this new energy will be felt for many years to come.

A benefit of this activation is that the energy will clear much of the negative technologies that have been here for thousands and thousands of years, including much of the quarantine structure that's been in place for the last 26,000 years.

This is a trigger that ends a certain phase, or cycle, and actually initiates the last phase before the Event.


This is excellent news for the Lightworkers of the world, as the Lightworker grid is reactivating with this pulse of light from the source. The state of the world has made it difficult in past years for Lightworkers to uphold the light, but we can expect it to be easier going forward.

For Lightworkers, this enhanced energy will allow a greater connection to the source, as well as renewed hope and activity. There will be more energetic and telepathic contact with the Beings of Light. There will be more intuition, visions, dreams, and prophetic dreams. Expect more inspiration and spiritual inspiration as well.

This time is an opportunity for you to reconnect again with your higher self, your I AM presence, your soul. This is number one. And number two, due to the positioning of Pluto making a very beautiful trine with the Pleiades it is possible to connect with the Pleiadian energy as well.

Planetary Shifts

At the moment of the activation, Pluto made a rare, exact grand trine with Alcyone, which is our local central sun in the Pleiades, and with the M87 galaxy, which is a major galaxy in the Virgo cluster. This grand trine is extremely powerful. It is a trigger that allows the energies from the Galactic Center to start flowing to our planet freely.

Pluto, Alcyone, and M87 form a triangle that has three very powerful cosmic sources. The three cosmic sources allowed the portal to open and for Source to send this energetic flash through the universe is this triangle of planets.

This great energetic pulse of light from the source will bring us wisdom, abundance and spiritual inspiration.

M87 Galaxy

The M87 galaxy is a source of galactic love for this sector of the universe and will play an important role at the time of the Event. The race that inhabits that galaxy is far more evolved than the galactic race in this galaxy; I would say they're super-evolved galactic cosmic beings. In Earth terminology, I would say the 11th dimension and beyond. They are super-evolved cosmic beings of light and love. The fact that they've connected to us will assist greatly in our evolution.


The long-awaited beginning of the Golden Age is upon us and the changes can already be felt by those more sensitive. Although this recent activation does not immediately solve all problems, it gives us the wisdom and inspiration to make great changes going forward.

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