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15 Chakras Opening & Clearing | Kundalini Healing & Transmission Session

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The focus of this session is the healing of the 15 Chakras, Opening & Clearing Kundalini Healing & Transmission.

If you feel stuck in any way, the session can help you to move through specific life experiences that keep repeating and challenging you. This session will support you and illuminate you on many levels.

Give a moment to set your intentions, directing your focus towards the Chakras to bring restoration, balance, and connection with your higher self and higher consciousness. Tune into the present moment, and sense into the flow of breath and aliveness. With your breath, connect with the subtler energies and bring awareness to the totality of this present moment.

We invite higher beings and soul guides to protect your energy field in violet light to feel safe to open yourself for this healing session.

For the rest of the session, follow the step-by-step guidance through every Chakra to open, clear, and balance.

Be aware this session may bring up many emotions. Stay present in a loving space; allow any feelings to move through from the open, loving space of yourself.

Format: Video

Duration: 1:29:56

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