Global Ascension


We have recently entered The Golden Age, a new age of tremendous change and growth. Our planet Earth is ascending, moving into the fifth dimensional frequency. This means that the Earth is now in a higher vibration and dimensional awareness. During this time the Earth will free itself of all lower vibrational energies as the veils of illusion are lifted and the darkness of war, inequity and suffering comes to an end.  This higher dimensional vibration brings great changes to the consciousness of humanity, both individually and collectively. We each have an opportunity to contribute to the upliftment of humanity during this exciting time! See our Global Events to learn more!

Global Governance of the Future Humanity and Evolution

Global Governance of the Future Humanity and Evolution

Weekly LIVE Events and Meditations: Interview with Sat Mindo during the Awakened Life Expo about Global Governance of the Future Humanity. To make a global change we have to start seeing Humanity as one family and start taking care of the needs of the collective. The first step is to meet the basic needs of people such as food, shelter and a minimal income. The second step is to attend to people's mental, emotional and psychological needs. And the third step is to meet the spiritual/soul/consciousness needs of the collective. If we understand this, everything else becomes more simple. What you can do by yourself right now, is to take care of your emotional, mental, psychological, vibrational, and spiritual state, each and every moment. When everyone takes this responsibility, the whole world will change. Full Consciousness is Natural! Our teachings reveal the root cause of all underlying problems. New Humanity Life, founded by Sat Mindo Damalis & Lyonne Sundari is an international academy of higher living & self-realization, in service to uplifting life & the consciousness of humanity. More at ▶︎ Instagram: @new_humanity_community ▶︎ Facebook: @newhumanitycenter ▶︎ Shop: ▶︎ New Humanity Civilization: #Self-Realization #LevelsofConsciousness #EffectivePractices ©2022 New Humanity Foundation All Rights Reserved