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Guided Meditations

These Guided Meditations can transform your life! This video series introduces you to meditation techniques suitable for the different Levels of Consciousness. Each of these meditations from Master Mindo and Lyonne Sundari guide you into deeper aspects of your Consciousness. This Program of Transformation is meant to open you to your True Self. These meditations carry the transmission of higher consciousness, accelerating your evolution as you dissolve the veils of the mind to reveal your True, Natural Being.

Effective Practices

The Effective Practices are an integral part of the New Humanity School. These practices assist in healing the nervous system, softening the mind, and raising consciousness. These videos carry a powerful energetic frequency that allow deep and significant openings to take place. Choose the most appropriate practice for you at this time to aid in your spiritual evolution.

New Education

Here you will find illuminating discourses that urge you to see the bigger picture and think outside the box, beyond the social paradigms! Our topics range from new quantum science in alignment with spirituality, teachings from ancient traditions that are still applicable today, all the way to the science behind the new timely practices that help us raise our consciousness and maintain our energy fields so that we can confidently usher in the era on New Earth.


A unique opportunity to receive a direct Transmission from fully Realized teachers Master Mindo and Lyonne Sundari. These transmissions unblock your mind and raise your Level of Consciousness. Your whole nervous system is attuned to the higher Level of Consciousness as well as your aura, electro-magnetic field, Shakti/Kundalini, and all your seven energy centers. It is common in the days and weeks following the transmission to experience a new and expanded awareness, new realizations, and deep emotional healing.

Yoga of Now

Yoga is the process of our inner evolution or a movement towards an experiential reality where one knows the ultimate nature of existence.

Yoga of NOW is a highly advanced, integrative system that utilizes the ancient science of Kriya Yoga under two realized teachers' guidance. This course serves as an initiation into the path of Self Realization – a step-by-step practical approach to raising one’s Consciousness.