GOD Self

Level 12. GOD Self
Full Consciousness - 4th step of Enlightenment

The twelfth Initiation is the Full Consciousness, the Absolute God Self, the Source of all Universes. There is no more Diamond or Crystal filtering this Pure Light of Consciousness. Full Consciousness feels very Natural and is named Sahaja, the Natural State. It is the final state of Enlightenment, and thus, the Human Consciousness now becomes Divine. There is no more separation between a Human or Divine as all separations are dissolved. All is seen as Self. The Self is unborn, undying, undivided, and inseparable. It is all there is manifested and unmanifested and as the Source of both. It is the I AM THAT.

  • The Absolute Self, God Realization, Source Consciousness

  • Without resistance

  • Boundless NOW

  • No self-contraction and no self-opponent

  • Full Consciousness feels very natural and is named as Sahaja, the Natural State, the IS-ness

  • There is no more separation between physical or spiritual or divine as all separation is dissolved

  • All is seen as Self

  • The Self is unborn, undying and undivided

  • The total radiant NOW

  • Unmixed/Untethered Attention = Unbounded Consciousness

  • Nothing is excluded from the allness of the NOW

  • The Source of all manifest and unmanifest


Level of Consciousness 1000 Full Consciousness
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