Planetary Self

Level 4. Planetary Self

The fourth initiation of Planetary Self is an evident, strong feeling and connection with the planet you live on. The degree of openness and sensitivity allows you to perceive that you are part of this conscious being the planet, and you become aware that all living beings on this planet including nature, animals and the atmosphere has now a direct connection with you. The feeling is of a unified connection and you find yourself living in the flow of energies. The heart grows the more your connections encompass the planet, until with maturity separation merges into the one.

  • A strong feeling of Oneness

  • A sense that all is connected

  • Inner completion

  • Joy from within

  • Level of spiritual healers

  • Love becomes more unconditional

  • Compassion (love with wisdom)

  • Overcoming the pain of separation

  • Integrates with the Divine Will

  • Planetary consciousness is also known as Oneness (one with the Earth)

  • The expanded feeling of responsibility for others

  • Unity Consciousness has a positive effect on others

Level of Consciousness 540 - Oneness
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