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Planetary Self

Level 4. Planetary Self

The fourth initiation of Planetary Self is an evident, strong feeling and connection with the Planet you live on. The degree of openness and sensitivity allows you to perceive that you are One with this conscious being, the planet, and you become aware that all living beings on this planet, including nature, animals and the atmosphere have a direct connection. The feeling is of a Unified connection and you find yourself living in Oneness and the flow of energy. The heart grows more as your connection keeps expanding and encompassing the planet, until the feeling of Separation merges into Oneness and Completion.

Inner Light, Higher Self, Inner Love and Planetary Self are the states of consciousness where 95% of all spiritually awakened people reside, including Yoga/Meditation Teachers, Healers, Light Workers, Channelers etc, because the next step of Presence is more advanced and usually quite challenging to open up. Mindo usually gives an example of the Beach and the Ocean: “In Inner Love and Planetary Self, a person is at the most beautiful tropical paradise beach enjoying the sunshine and from time to time dipping into the ocean for a swim.  Presence is the ocean itself. There is no more person. There is no one in heaven or on the beach. It is a complete surrender of the spiritual ego-self to the space/energy field of Presence itself. It is a dis-identification from energy.” Therefore, opening to Presence usually happens with direct guidance and a transmission from a spiritual teacher who is on a higher Level of Consciousness.

Level of Consciousness 540 - Oneness
  • A strong feeling of Oneness

  • A sense that all is connected

  • Inner completion

  • Natural Joy from within

  • Level of spiritual healers, light workers, and healers

  • Love becomes more unconditional

  • Compassion (Love with wisdom)

  • Overcoming the pain of separation

  • Integrates with the Divine Will of Planetary Consciousness

  • Expanded feeling of responsibility for others

  • Planetary Self Consciousness has a big positive effect on others

Planetary Healing | Talk & Guided Meditation
Let Love & Abundance into Your Life!

Let Love & Abundance into Your Life!

Weekly LIVE Events and Meditations: In this video, Lyonne helps us to see how we may permit ourselves to return back to love and abundance, which is our birthright. Love is a state of being that's capable of generating incredible results. If you're looking for ways to change your life for the better, then you need to start by focusing on love. This video is a great way to begin your journey to a more fulfilling life! We tend to search outside for love in relationships and activities, or inside through the attempt to create love and abundance. The search itself is the clue that there is a lack. From a higher dimensional perspective, love is a state of being. ___________________________________________ Lyonne Premananda is a way-shower and guide who teaches from a Non-Dual perspective and intuitively uncovers peoples’ potential to become empowered and awakened to the inherent truth of one's deepest Self. She has worked with people from all walks of life as a teacher, healer, and mentor. Consciousness transmissions with Lyonne have a special quality of Loving Presence, which is both powerful and radiant, melting and merging with your heart. Lyonne teaches a powerful way to unconditionally remain in your deepest Being so that you can gradually dissolve your sense of separation. ___________________________________________ Book a Consciousness Transmission with Lyonne: Divine Love Transmission with Lyonne: Learn more about the 12 Initiations: ▶︎ Website: ▶︎ ▶︎ ▶︎ Podcast: ▶︎ Online Store: ▶︎ New Humanity Civilization: #LovingAwareness #NonDuality #LyonnePremananda ©2024 New Humanity Foundation All Rights Reserved

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