Soul Self

Level 6. Soul Self

The sixth initiation of Soul Self is an embodiment of the Soul into the physical body. It is a decension of the Soul, in contrast to seeking to Ascend. The densest karma is resolved and many past life issues are completed. A great relief and a feeling of liberation is felt after a deep cleansing via the I AM Presence and polishment of conditional dualities.

  • Merging with the soul where the soulfully descends back into the body

  • The Soul is a spark of God/Source/Self

  • A vast golden energy field projecting into the body

  • At this stage, the Soul is no longer connected only via a golden string but becomes an embodiment in the body

  • It is usual to remember much more concrete and significant past lives as well as to remember your particular Soul family

  • Many past life issues become completed

  • The densest karma and dualities are resolved

  • Feeling as an immortal soul, rather than as a limited person

  • A great relief and a feeling of liberation is experienced

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