Soul Self

Level 6. Soul Self

The sixth initiation of Soul Self is an embodiment of the Soul into the physical body. It is a decension of the Soul, in contrast to seeking to Ascend. The densest karma is resolved and many past life issues are completed. A great relief and a feeling of liberation is felt after a deep cleansing via the I AM Presence and polishment of conditional dualities.

  • Merging with the soul where the soulfully descends back into the body

  • The Soul is a spark of God/Source/Self

  • A vast golden energy field projecting into the body

  • At this stage, the Soul is no longer connected only via a golden string but becomes an embodiment in the body

  • It is usual to remember much more concrete and significant past lives as well as to remember your particular Soul family

  • Many past life issues become completed

  • The densest karma and dualities are resolved

  • Feeling as an immortal soul, rather than as a limited person

  • A great relief and a feeling of liberation is experienced

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Soul Integration by Sal Rachele

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You have heard about the new Golden Age on Earth. However, this does not just happen. It is up to each one of us to make it happen, by healing and transforming our lives through Soul Integration. Soul Integration is about aligning all parts of ourselves into a cohesive whole. We then become all-powerful, all-wise and all-loving. We then fulfill the promises of the mystics and seers of all ages. This book shows you step by step how to access this all-powerful self. Topics include healing the six lower bodies, transcending karma, contacting your soul family in the higher realms, how to reach enlightenment, and how to bring enlightenment down to Earth.