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Universal Self

Level 8. Universal Self - 1st Level of Enlightenment

The eighth initiation of Universal Self is the realization of Awareness as one’s Self. There is a considerable degree more lightness compared to Non-Dual space. Being the Universal Self becomes the fundamental identity. The seeker’s consciousness is felt as pure and all pervading aware presence. A sense of boundlessness arises too.

Enlightenment is seen as the Universal Self, meaning that the consciousness is now expanded to encompass the whole universe as “I AM All”, or “All-ness”. It is being “One” with everything as the whole universe, sometimes referred to as “Cosmic Oneness”, or Universal Consciousness, the Unity Field.

The physical human Brain is lit up to the large degree of En-lightenment and brain-nervous system coherency. An enlightened person is now able to change their Perceptions ( Emotions –> Thoughts –> Cognitions –> Perceptions ) and see what IS more Clearly.

  • Realization of Awareness as one-Self

  • The Awareness of Awareness now becomes the fundamental Reality beyond the cosmic and non-dual space

  • At this stage an enlightened person is able to change their perceptions (Emotions –> Thoughts –> Cognitions –> Perceptions) and their fundamental views of reality in order to see what IS, more or less from the perspective of enlightened clarity

  • Universal Self, meaning that the previous Galactic Self is now expanded to encompass the whole Universe at large

  • The physical human nervous system has been lit up or literally ‘enlightened’. This is the phase of the first Enlightenment resulting in the brain-nervous system coherency

  • Transcendence of objectivity and becoming the Pure Subject

Level of Consciousness 700 Awareness

Experiences of Intiation

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