I AM Presence

Level 5. I AM Presence

The fifth initiation is the I AM Presence. It is considered the spiritual adulthood. The Cosmic consciousness is an exponential expansion of consciousness from the individual Higher Self to the Cosmic Galactic Christed Self. The mighty “I AM Presence” is a way of Being as I AM-ness and Beingness. It is a true meaning of the HERE and NOW in the PRESENT MOMENT, being Present with what IS and sustaining Light and Love and all passing spiritual energies fully.

  • Considered as spiritual adulthood

  • A Way of Being as I AM-ness, wholeness

  • Infinite Space experienced as Being

  • Being HERE in the Present Moment

  • The “I AM Presence”

  • The field of being beyond the Chakras/Kundalini

  • The Present is beyond the past and future

  • Christ Consciousness where the ego dies on a cross of time and space

  • A Cosmic Consciousness as the Galactic Self

  • Being Present with all passing energies (the tree and spiritual weather analogy)

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