Non-Dual Self

Level 7. Non-Dual Self 

The seventh initiation into the Non-Dual Self is a next step opening into Non-Dual realization beyond Ying and Yang, meaning that most of the dual energies have been polished, worked-through, and transcended. Beyond Ying and Yang is Wholeness. It sees the whole thing with both sides, edges, and interconnectedness as a complete and full picture of reality. The non-dual Self is the realization beyond the doer-ship, as the true Beingness is now fully Present as a cosmic space consciousness.

  • Realization of nothingness beyond dualities

  • Beyond Yin and Yang most of the dual energies have been polished, worked-through and transcended

  • Beyond Yin and Yang is wholeness

  • Seeing the whole thing from both sides, edges and the imminent interconnectedness as a complete and whole picture of reality

  • The soul burns the heaviest karmic ties

  • Transcendence of key conditionings

  • A feeling of liberation arises

  • One might fall into the trap of denying the phenomenal world

  • The world still poses disturbances

  • A Pre-Enlightenment phase

Level of Consciousness 670 Non Duality
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