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Non-Dual Self

Level 7. Non-Dual Self 

The seventh initiation into the Non-Dual Self is the next step of opening into Non-Dual realization beyond duality of Energies, of good and bad feelings, Ying and Yang, meaning that most of the Polarities and dual energies have been worked-through and Transcended. There is no more Doer-ship, it is abidance as a Beingness, as I AM. Compared to Presence, Non-Duality is even lighter and more expanded. The soul burns the heaviest karmic ties, the biggest key conditionings are transcended. There is a feeling as if there is no-one here any more, just present Nothingness. No identity, no person, no particular position, only Being in the Present Space of Nothingness. It is very relieving, much lighter than Presence, more detached from energies and polarities, a feeling of Liberation arises, thus it is called a Pre-Enlightenment phase.

  • Realization of nothingness beyond polarities

  • Most of the dual energies have been worked through and transcended

  • No Doer-ship, abidance as a Beingness, as I AM

  • Non-Duality is lighter and more expanded than Presence

  • Beyond Yin and Yang is wholeness

  • Seeing the whole thing from both sides, edges and the imminent interconnectedness as a complete and whole picture

  • One might fall into the trap of denying the phenomenal world

  • The world still poses disturbances

  • The soul burns the heaviest karmic ties

  • Transcendence of key conditionings

  • A feeling of liberation arises

  • A Pre-Enlightenment phase

Level of Consciousness 670 Non Duality