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Is the Pentagon Covering UP UFO Knowledge?

In this video Tucker Carlson attempts to get to the bottom of one of the biggest cover-ups in our nation's history, the UFO phenomenon.

Does the US government have real UFO footage, do they possess actual UFO craft and have they already made contact with these UFO's? Tucker Carson uses his influence to getting to the bottom of the UFO conspiracy.

The Pentagon has spent countless hours and dollars trying to keep the real UFO evidence suppressed. They have, and are currently, leading numerous misinformation and disinformation campaigns by spreading false information about the UFO phenomenon, or UAP is the term they prefer to call it today. The fact is that the American people demand transparency from their government, and it seems the pentagon may be losing its grip on their little secrets.

Tucker Carlson states that for the Sixth year in a row, the pentagon has failed its audit. According to a pentagon official, the pentagon cannot account for approximately 50% of their total assets!

Carlson states that 1/2 of the entire annual budget for the Pentagon is spent on secret "black projects" could be entirely plausible. These Black projects include ones recently uncovered by the whistleblower retired United States Air Force Major David Grusch, who testified at a historical UFO Hearing in Congress earlier this year (2023).

According to the testimony of Mr. Grusch, the US Pentagon, along with government contractors, have been involved in a decade's long series of black projects to obtain crashed UFO crafts with the purpose of reverse engineering the craft. According to David Grusch, as well as several other witnesses and whistleblowers, the United States has accomplished the reverse engineering of several of these UFO space craft that they are in possession of.

In this new Tucker Carlson Podcast Episode from Tucker Carlson Today on Twitter, Tucker dives deep into the complicated process of forcing the United States government to become more transparent when it comes to UFO's and UAP's.

For decades now the US government has been explicit in spreading lies and misinformation to cover up their interests and activities with UFOs. It wasn't until a key piece of breaking news was shared in 2017 with the now famous and viral video of the Tic Tac UFO. This piece of evidence was indisputable as being feal UFO footage, and the UFO caught on video was located in the Southern California Coastal waters in 2004. The pilot in the Tic Tac Ufo Video, retired Navy pilot David Fravor, was one of two other, highly decorated retired veterans, who testified at the UFO hearings at Congress along said retired Air Force Major David Grusch.


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